J Allison West Catering

Traveled the World for Catering Inspirations to share in Rincon PR

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My career as a chef and restaurateur began as a passion for food from the time I could hold a spoon and stand on a stool to reach a counter. I am a second generation caterer with a degree in Culinary Arts from Johnson and Wales University. I watched and helped work with my mother as she built her dream business, a charming beautiful farmhouse in Georgia that held weddings each weekend. Weekends home from Charleston, South Carolina during my years in culinary school were spent catering for her elaborately designed events. My creativity, entrepreneurship, and leadership were cultivated with her help. Traveling was instilled at a young age and reinforced throughout my life.

By the age of 16, I had been all over the United States, France, England, Scotland, Thailand, Japan.  After graduating my need to keep traveling and learning food culture, along with my new passion of surfing, led me to Costa Rica.  There I managed a hotel and created a breakfast program with local Tico's, learning the culture and language.  For the remaining years I lived in Costa, I opened my first restaurant, Allison's Sunset Bar, a sushi bar overlooking Playa Pelada. The small town loved my little sushi bar but I suddenly had to be with family, leaving the waves behind to be close to my family again.

Never wanting to end my urge to learn everything culinary, I apprenticed under an amazing cake artist. With this new knowledge and the need to keep speaking Spanish and surfing waves I found this beautiful beach town, Rincon, in Puerto Rico. Five years later, I have started a Rincon Sushi & Yakatori Grill Restaurant at Pools Beach, this time with my partner, and have also begun the J Allison West exclusive catering business in Rincon PR. My goals are to keep growing my business and making them better each day and along the way catch some waves.